The Rundown #11: 5 Places to Find Companies Hiring Around You

A few ways to get a job or start freelancing

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For most people, the job-hunting quest can be quite a herculean task. Constant surfing of the Internet, multiple written applications, and even annoying interviews.

What if we could help push you in an accurate direction? No more endless journeys to different websites. We have several resources to help you find and get jobs easily or even launch you into a freelancing career on the blog.

Here’s the rundown

It’s time to stop scrolling through the internet like a bot. Check out our post on 5 places to find companies hiring near you. Read it here.

Did you know you can create killer resumes for free? Well, with these 6 websites, you can create amazing resumes without breaking the bank. Check them out here.

Want to try out the digital nomad lifestyle? Here’s a list of trusted places to get remote jobs.

Launch your freelance career with ease. Check out this post on top freelance jobs that are in demand right now.

You can now get remote jobs easily with the WWR learning portal. Read all about it here.

Compiled by Green Veno

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