The Rundown #6: 5 Trusted Piggyvest Alternatives For Investing

App reviews and the best software applications for anything

Hi there,

In today’s world, technology has become a lifesaver. There is an app or software for almost everything you need and in some cases, there are tons of options.

This variety of choices can be daunting as one can become confused on which choice to make. Well, I am here to help you. On the blog, there are several posts in which I share my experiences using some applications in order to help you make the best choice for whatever you need.

Here’s the rundown!

There are other trusted platforms to save and Invest your money other than Piggyvest. Click here to read them.

Wondering how effective the Alat by Wema app is? Read my thoughts on a major reason to use it here.

Looking for a Job? We added new job openings from Product Design to Customer Support on our Jobs portal for this week. Click here to check them out.

Do you know you can measure objects with your smartphone? Yes, with Google measure and Camtoplan(both object measuring platforms) you can now measure objects using your smartphone. Here’s a review of both platforms and their amazing features.

Going on a date and need help to spice it up? I gave a review on the best 3 apps to spice up your dates on the blog. Click here to read.

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