The Rundown #6: Trusted Places to Learn Product Management in Nigeria

Transitioning to tech? Viable Career options

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You’ve probably heard the saying ‘‘Tech is the new oil’’ a million times. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. Technology has become the one vibrant space with a variety of career options and great earning capacity.

The goal is to find your niche and be good at it. To help you transition effectively or develop yourself in your chosen niche, I have curated the top posts on the blog that contain amazing tech resources to aid your journey.

Here’s the rundown!

Acquire the best Product Management skills by perusing this post on 5 trusted places to learn product management in Nigeria. Read here

Looking for ways to share your knowledge in web development? Check out this post on top blogging platforms for developers. Click here to read.

Looking for a Job? We added new job openings from Product design to Customer Support on our Jobs portal for this week. Click here to check them out.

Want to learn UI/UX design? On the blog, I shared 5 Places to Learn and Practice UI/UX Design. Check it out here

Tech is evolving in great magnitudes and Spacecadet has something to say about it. On the blog, I shared 80+ Tech Trends From 2021 highlighted by Spacecadet. Read here

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