The Rundown #7: 9 Platforms That Let You Convert Airtime To Cash

Simple tips on several money-making ventures

Hi there,

It’s another financial week (well, if you are in Nigeria, you would know every week is a financial The week where we teach you how to make and invest your money wisely.

This week, we bring you posts on ways to make money from the smallest and biggest ventures.

Here’s the rundown!

Got excess airtime? You can now make money off your airtime with these 9 platforms that help you convert your airtime to cash. Click here to know more.

Want to venture into crypto-trading? We have a 3 part series on the blog which is a step-by-step guide on the basics of crypto-trading for beginners. You can find them here.

Looking for a job? We added new jobs openings from Product marketing to Frontend Development on our portal for this week. Click here to check them out.

Want to put your money where your mouth is? We have a list of investment platforms you should consider if you are in Nigeria. Read it here.

Did you know that you can earn extra cash with Bitsika? Bitsika, an amazing money transfer platform which allows you transfer funds within countries in Africa is giving you the opportunity to earn off its plaform. Learn more here.

Compiled by Green Veno

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