The Rundown #7: How not to get scammed on Instagram

On staying safe on the internet and making money from it

Hi there,

You would agree with me that the internet can be a good and a bad place. One minute you are making a ton of money from it, the next minute you are getting scammed on Social Media.

Well, I have compiled several posts on tools and resources to help you stay safe on the internet while making money from it. All these can be found on the blog.

Here’s the Rundown!

You can avoid sob stories of shady Instagram vendors by reading this post on how not to get scammed on Instagram. Click here to read.

Looking to sell domains? You can now sell old domains you no longer use to buyers on the internet. Here’s a list of places you can sell them.

Looking for a job? We added new job openings from Community Managers to Copywriters on our job portal for this week. Click here to check them out.

Did you know you can earn money just by sharing your internet connection? Click here to know more.

NFTs are the new big thing. Want to sell your NFTs? Click here to read on 20 places to sell your NFTs.

Compiled by Green Veno

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