The Rundown #9:Amazing Tools for Hosting Live Classes.

On E-learning and Digital Education

Hi there,

What happens when learning becomes boring or lethargic? How do you fix this?

That’s where tools and structure come in. Having the right tools could be the one step to creating the ultimate learning experience. Today, we would be sharing posts on awesome tools to transform your learning experience.

Here’s the rundown!

Hosting a live class? Here’s a post on 6 awesome tools to manage your students while hosting your class. Click here to read.

You can now create free ready-to-print certificates for your students with ease. Here 5 top websites that let you do this. Read here

Looking for a job? We added new jobs openings from Engineering Managers to Digital Marketers on our portal for this week. Click here to check them out.

Get more creative with your presentations! Here are 6 Powerpoint alternatives to create stunning presentations with.

Got an issue remembering Rows and Columns in Excel? Here’s a tip to remember them with ease.